Tales from The Green Room #1

Month: November 2019

The Early Days of PMCS

My first show with P.M.C.S. was in 1957 at the Hippodrome Theatre in Preston situated in Friargate, where Wilkinsons is today.
The show was Wild Violets, a show which as I remember, was not very impressive and I have never heard of it being performed again.
I was very excited as a young man to be involved, as to date, I had only been involved with shows produced at Preston Catholic College.
I had seen many Professional Shows at The Hippodrome and never thought I would appear on the same stage as many of the top actors of the day.
After many months of rehearsals we eventually arrived at Dress Rehearsal. The stage was still full of crates from the previous weeks show and as I wandered amongst them I leant against one of them and suddenly an ear piercing roar erupted from the crate scaring the living daylights out of me.
It turned out the crate contained a male Lion from the Circus, the previous weeks show.
When all the crates had been removed, we eventually  managed, to complete the Dress Rehearsal and we did a weeks run. Monday to Saturday, (two shows on Thursday and Two on Saturday). Nearly full every performance.
Shortly afterwards The Hippodrome was demolished. I do not think it was anything to do with the fact I had had made my debut there.
More stories, from my six decades in the business later.

Regards, Eddie Regan

Eddie Regan